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Lifeline Service Corps (LSC)

Lifeline Service Corps (LSC)

Lifeline Service Corps (LSC) is an international volunteer programme established by Lifeline Foundation and provides service-learning opportunities for people worldwide to live and work abroad in Ghana.

Programmes are offered year-round from one month to six months. Benefit from a true cultural immersion in a home stay with local Ghanaian families, while working hand-in-hand with local counterparts.

Experience another culture like never before while making a real difference in people’s lives. You’ll gain perspectives and insights into the local culture and yourself. It’s an exciting and personally inspiring experience, and you’ll develop memories that will be with you forever.

As an accredited NGO with an inclusive in-country staff, Lifeline Foundation has become an established part of each community it serves, and tailors its development programmes to offer the most advantage to the community, while providing a remarkable experience for its volunteers.