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Welcome to Lifeline Foundation!

Despite the vast differences among the world’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs), most share a common dilemma: Lack of support limits the quantity and/ or quality of the important work they do.It is based on this fact that we heartily invite you to be a part of us, and look forward to building a close and productive relationship with you. We invite your participation in Lifeline Foundation. We are an NGO that seeks toefficiently support actions for poverty eradication, sustainable growth and development and to facilitate prompt and effective disaster management measures in Ghana, Africa and the world as a whole. The organization has been mobilized to address issues from the perspective of life sustainability and improvement, as reorienting attention towards these requires a clear vision like ours.

We aspire for a unique mixture of international, regional, national, and local interests, as well as indigenous people and youth groups that are concerned for life sustenance, environment and social development. The challenge of life sustainability and improvement is a difficult and complex one, requiring new partnerships — among governments, academic and scientific communities, educators, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local communities and the media. Therefore we appreciate your position and we would like you to support our vision and overall plans. In addition, we would also like to seek your attention on some of the key concerns that we share in terms of Lifeline’s operation and seek your feedback and support on issues.

Possible Initiatives

  • Innovative public private partnerships
  • Tool and Resource development
  • Capacity building of in country and local partners
  • Public awareness and advocacy campaigns eduction and informations dissemination
  • Activity and Programme support

Call to Action

Lifelife seeks to expand collaborative partnerships with

  • Internatioal non-profit organaization
  • Donor agencies and foundations
  • Corporations
  • Academia
  • Organizations with similar goals and objectives