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General Programme Fees

General Programme Fees

1 month US $1,400.00

6 weeks US $1,800.00

2 months US $2,200.00

10 weeks US $2,600.00

3 months US $3,000.00

4 months US $3,800.00

5 months US $4,600.00

6 months US $5,400.00

The programme fee covers administrative charge, airport pickup, and transport to placement; accommodation, and meals during placement, and supervision (this fee is paid to LSC at least 8 weeks before the 1st of the month you arrive in Ghana).

* Please note that accommodation will be principally with host families that are warm and welcoming. Staying with a host family gives you the advantage of learning the local culture as well. However upon request we can also arrange alternative accommodation.

Your flights, visa, shots, travel insurance and your trip to the airport prior to departure. You will also need to budget for your other expenses like bottled water, personal costs, beverages and entertainment. If you are willing to live on a tight budget you can get by on $US60 per week.