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Lifeline Service Corp(LSC) Is a Volunteer Placement Programme that will allow volunteers and interns to support actions for poverty eradication, sustainable growth and development, as well as facilitate prompt and effective disaster management measures.

Volunteers will live and work with the people of Ghana for a true cross cultural experience while learning about different perspectives on life, family, time, wealth and nature. Best of all they will become a part of a global family, since they will have the option of a local Ghanaian home stay with interesting host families amongst many accommodation and living options.

The programme will make volunteers feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from giving something back to those giving so much to them, and will offer a unique way to experience Ghana in it’s:

    • Short / Medium term stay (One to Six months)
    • Long term stay (Six months to One year)
    • Internship and Fellowship programmes.

Programmes will range from four weeks to one year. Volunteers or interns will participate in service-learning projects involving social work, health, education and agriculture development and will be affiliated to various institutions of their choice. In addition the programme will offer familiarization tours around Ghana for all volunteers as part of the packages.

Basically, Ghana is a land rich in history, culture where people are noted for their great warmth, friendliness and remarkable hospitality. Therefore, programmes will also make provisions Ghanaian language lessons and excursions. Lifeline foundation will work closely with volunteers prior to their trip to create a programme or internship best suited with their goals. Once on site, our in country coordinators and host families will provide all the needed assistance and support.

Partnership Brief

To manage its offshore portfolio for the Volunteer Placement Programme, Lifeline Foundation is looking for offshore partners/agents, who are prepared to undertake the challenge.

Lifeline seeks to partner with:

Individuals who understand the challenges and concern about how the deteriorating condition of the environment and poverty, threatens the future of the world.

Individuals who understand volunteer placement, non-profit operations and emerging strategies.

Individuals knowledgeable about the local philanthropic community; who can help identify potential funding sources and facilitate the building of strong relationships.

Individuals well versed in public relations, volunteer placement and marketing.

Individuals from the corporate community who can help establish linkages with other potential corporate sponsors.

The Offshore Partner/Agent

Shall be:

Responsible for the establishment, development and management of the programme in his/her locality or country.

Determine action plans to meet needs of stakeholders and volunteers.

Represent Lifeline Foundation to the non-profit community, government agencies, funders, and the public.

Help develop operating plans, policies, and short and long-range objectives for the programme.

Lead the programme towards objectives and review results of operations.

Ensure compliance with the vision, mission and strategies for the programme.

Like all other Lifeline executives he/she will be required to facilitate the development of strong and effective programming, to meet the needs of the population to be served by engaging in:

1. Strategic Planning

Conduct a volunteer placement assessment that analyzes social, economic and technological trends, opportunities, assets, and issues.

Conduct an internal programme assessment that identifies strengths and weaknesses.

Support a vision and mission statement for the programme to clarify its future direction.

2. Organizational Development

Support a governance structure, staffing plans, and organizational policies.

Train other staff in management skills and leadership responsibilities.

Facilitate community participation and collaboration with other organizations.

Establish administrative systems and controls to monitor progress, evaluate results and track expenditures.

3. Program Planning and Implementation

Develop goals, objectives and action plans with the volunteers.

Conduct outreach to promote volunteerism and create awareness of benefits and activities.

4. Long-Range Planning

Translate action plans into operating budgets and marketing and outreach plans.

Train other staff in resource development and information systems, including: fundraising methods/activities, membership recruitment, database management, information sharing, networking, and grant proposal writing