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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Established in 2006, Lifeline Foundation (Intl.) is a non- governmental organization registered in Ghana, whose mission is to support actions against poverty, implement sustainable economic growth and facilitate the establishment of prompt and effective disaster management mechanisms and measures.


Lifelines vision is to urgently become very relevant and influential in improving the environment, welfare and living conditions of Ghanaians, Africans, and the Global community as a whole. Lifeline pursues this clear vision by advocating for the protection of habitats from environmental degradation, facilitation of disaster preparedness and response, preservation of natural resources as well as empowering citizens to have an influential voice in decisions affecting the quality of their environment and lives. Lifeline will play a leading role in advocating and lobbying on such issues and concerns and problems until they are understood, and appropriate action thereby taken to address these.

Our Beliefs

Dire poverty, climate change, information loss, violent conflicts, food crisis, drought, bush fires, floods and other natural disasters, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, climate change, loss of biodiversity, extinction, desertification, pollution, and other environmental hazards, all require careful disaster mitigation planning, assistance offers, and support to control and reduce the outcome in each case.

People’s vulnerability to disasters depends on the social, cultural, economic and political environment. The economic factor is most apparent as many poor people are forced to live on marginal lands, such as floodplains, forest reserves, coastal towns and unstable hillsides, or indulge in hazardous practices.

Local communities must be empowered and given opportunity to participate effectively in the design, management and operation of protected natural areas. Local needs should have priority and economic benefits must accrue to the local communities, and that programmes which aim to educate people about the links between consumption patterns and environmental degradation should be prioritised.

Sustainable management of natural resources is a key for improving food security in Ghana, since poverty and hunger leads to over-utilisation of natural resources which may result in deforestation, land degradation and environmental disasters.

Empowerment of individuals and communities, through improving the capacity of people to address environmental, and natural, socio- economic disasters, by encouraging action-based projects that are a key to tackling continued injustices to human existence. This should include the provision of an excellent accessible information database on disasters, disaster supplies, experts, services, and other vital resources.

It is the right of all citizens to have access to clean water, a healthy environment on an equitable, economical and environmentally sustainable basis. Support should therefore be increased for investments in safe water resources management and sanitation service provision.

What makes us different?

Lifeline is people-focused and absolutely aware that appropriate technology, fundamental education and directives can sustain life. We accordingly endorse the interest and efforts directed at having a protected, pleasant, supportive, attractive and productive natural environment, especially in Ghana and ultimately over the face of the earth

Possible Initiatives

  • Innovative public private partnerships
  • Tool and Resource development
  • Capacity building of in country and local partners
  • Public awareness and advocacy campaigns eduction and informations dissemination
  • Activity and Programme support

Call to Action

Lifelife seeks to expand collaborative partnerships with

  • Internatioal non-profit organaization
  • Donor agencies and foundations
  • Corporations
  • Academia
  • Organizations with similar goals and objectives